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Why errandEX?

eerrandEX is a Service Agency created primarily to assist all the graduates of our institution, The Federal Polytechnic Ede; within and outside Nigeria to request and procure various kinds of important documents .

errandEX is an errand runner whose aims and objectives is to assist anyone who is very much interested in requesting for document(s) from the institution but does not have the time to undergo the rigors involved in documents procuring.

errandEX performs the following tasks on your behalf:

  1. Draft Application / Request letters
  2. Make payments for documents
  3. Monitor documents processing
  4. Wait in long queues for services
  5. Progress Reporting and Notifications
  6. Obtain and deliver important documents

Benefits of engaging the services of errandEX

  1. Protects you from Travelling Risks and Insecurity
  2. Saves you avoidable Cost and Stress
  3. Offers swift and dependable services
  4. Cheaper errand Service Charge
  5. Gets your request attended to in the fastest possible time.

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