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About errandEX

errandEX is run by Exams and Records Unit in conjuction with MIS Unit, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State, Nigeria.

We have been serving the requests of our valued clients for a long time.

Having been there ourselves we know how busy your schedule can get and how important it is for your errands to be done right, the first time. We're pros at what we do and believe in building our business on the satisfaction of our customers.

All of our employees are dedicated, competent and honest.

Your busyness is our business. At errandEX, we know that you want to spend your valuable time doing things you enjoy and enrich your life.

We can provide you with the means to balance your career, home, personal and social life.

Our company's number one priority is to complete your task, freeing you to make your time available for your family, friends, and business endeavors.

We can give you what no one else can - Time!

...Send us with thrust!